We are Crushrite

"People should be able to like where they work" – Randy Grieser, The Ordinary Leader


My Dad taught me a philosophy while I was being mentored running the company. Treat people like people, give them dignity and respect. Not only do I believe in that whole heartedly, but I want my employees to like where they work. It’s that simple.

We believe in the saying that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It applies to our Crushrite in so many ways. Crushrite is only one of many great organizations that make up our communities in the Parkland and Pipestone areas and we believe in being active in our communities, donating to charities that make a difference in our communities, and helping them spread the word with some of their ventures on our social media platforms.

We believe that our organization is only as good as the team, but together we are much greater. And I think we have a pretty terrific team.

Being apart of our team: 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Crushrite team, you can expect the following:

  • You can expect to be outside a lot, get some fresh air and sunshine. You will work with your hands and get dirty!
  • You can expect to go to a different jobsite every day. You will see a constantly changing landscape, because what we do changes the landscape. (Consider in August of 2020, we helped build a 300’ high headframe!)
  • You can expect to work long hours and get paid great overtime rates, and get paid competitive wages.
  • You can expect to laugh a lot. We have fun where we work!
  • You can expect to enjoy working here. We want people working for us who want to work for us.
  • If I'm being completely honest, someone at some point is going to ask you about your sled, or tell you about their sled, and ask why you don't sled...  

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