Our Process

Step 1

We select the only the finest materials for optimizing the performance of our concrete. Similar to a steakhouse selecting only the finest grades of beef, we select materials that are proven to minimize potential problems and maximize the longevity. For instance, we prefer to import limestone from North of Winnipeg rather than local rock because it contains no shale, eliminating large pop-outs in flatwork.

Step 2

Next we use our state of the art mix design software Stonemont and help create optimal designs out of concrete. We track our performance of our designs with our in house testing lab, so we are always adjusting the designs to maintain this high standard. These designs are uploaded into our Dispatching software from Jonel so they can be loaded in our next step.

Step 3

Once we have selected our materials, and the designs are created, then we select the equipment for delivery. Crushrite proudly has a fleet of Mack Granite Trucks with tandems, tandem tandems and tandem tridems for our logistic needs. We try to keep all of our equipment newer than 10 years old to minimize breakdown and maintain reliability.

Step 4

Finally, the last step is to service your needs. Each client's needs are different, using concrete in different circumstances, having different site requirements. We select the right design with the right materials in the right equipment in order to create the best experience for you.

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