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Crushrite Concrete (2008) Ltd is a rural ready mix concrete supply company servicing southeastern Saskatchewan. We specialize in concrete with Industrial type applications for concrete required at Potash Mines with severe chloride exposure as well as residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.

Crushrite has also been involved with the installation of over 95 slipform type buildings (such as concrete grain terminals) over Saskatchewan and Alberta.



Crushrite can provide a turn-key contract for your concrete work, supplying materials and labour.


Crushrite are the premier supplier of portable concrete for grain terminals for slipforming in the prairie provinces, participating in over 80 slipform concrete projects.

Mining Applications

Crushrite specializes in high performance concrete for industrial applications, such as the severe chloride exposure encountered at potash mines.

Bin Pads

Crushrite's fleet of readymix concrete trucks are capable and ready to pour your grain bin pad.

Flatwork Driveways, Garage Pads

Crushrite uses popout-free rock to prevent large shale pops in exterior flatwork.

We can also supply self-sealing concrete that is more durable in freezing conditions.

Basement Foundations

A poured concrete basement offers better resistance to lateral pressure, to fire, and to water.

With the use of insulated concrete forms (ICF), it's also more efficient at retaining warmth.

Storage Units

Crushrite has 40 mini-storage units available for lease on a monthly or yearly basis. Find out more.

Aggregate Sales & Delivery

Crushrite can supply a selection of rock and sand products for your project.


Concrete mixer truck unloading into concrete pump

Over the past years Crushrite has been proud to be involved in the economic growth of southeast Saskatchewan as a concrete provider to the PCS and Mosaic mine expansions, and the Red Lily Wind Farm in Moosomin.

As well, Crushrite continues to provide a high quality product to residential and commercial contractors and homeowners.

Crushrite's past projects include:

  • Esterhazy Mosaic K-3 Construction
  • Esterhazy Mosaic K-2 Expansion
  • Spy Hill Generating Station
  • Red Lily Wind Farm, Moosomin
  • Rocanville Potash Corp Scissors Creek Headframe Structure
  • Rocanville Potash Corp Pre-Expansion Project
  • Over 89 Slipform Inland Grain Terminals across Saskatchewan, Alberta & Manitoba and 95 Total Slipform projects


Ready-Mix Concrete

As a consumer of ready-mix concrete, it can be confusing when trying to decide what you need when ordering concrete. Here are some guidelines on what we will be asking when you order your concrete and what the terms mean.

Compressive Strength

This is how we measure how strong the concrete is. If we removed a concrete cylinder from your concrete and applied pressure to it until it broke, what would be the force required to break it? This force is the compressive strength. It is measured in megapascals (MPa) or Pounds Per Square Inch (psi).

Air Content

Any time you’re pouring concrete that will be exposed to freeze-thaw conditions, we recommended you pour with a specific air content. Concrete is porous; like a sponge, it will take on water. Imagine what happens when that water freezes in our harsh Saskatchewan winters: the water expands as it turns to ice, and the concrete cracks.

We inject air into the concrete in the form of microscopic air bubbles, a process called air entrainment. These tiny air bubbles provide a place for the water to go when it freezes and expands, a pressure relief that protects your concrete from cracking.

Sulphate Attack

Sulphates occur naturally in Saskatchewan Soils and will attack concrete over a 15 – 30 year period. If you are pouring concrete that will be in contact with the ground where sulphates may be present (e.g. a basement, foundations, piles, etc), you will need a concrete suitable for High Sulphate applications.


Slump is how workable the concrete is: concrete with a higher slump is more workable, concrete with a lower slump is stiffer and harder to work with.

The contractor is responsible for dictating the slump to us, and we will bring the concrete within the specified tolerance. If you're unfamiliar with slump, give us a call and we can help you out.

Concrete Strength, Use and Exposure

Strength Use and Exposure Examples
25 MPa
3500 psi
  • non structurally reinforced
  • may or may not be exposed to chlorides
  • may or may not be subject to freeze/thaw cycles
  • exposed to moderate manure or silage gases/liquids
  • place in unsaturated condition
  • underground parking slabs on grade
  • interior slabs on grade
  • exterior walls or columns
30 MPa
4300 psi
  • structurally reinforced
  • may or may not be exposed to chlorides
  • may or may not be subject to freeze/thaw cycles
  • exposed to moderate to severe manure or silage gases
  • subjected to moderate sulphate exposure
  • underwater portions of marine structures
  • submerged portions of sewage treatment structures
  • pools, patios
32 MPa
4500 psi
  • either structurally or non structurally reinforced
  • exposed to chlorides and freeze/thaw cycles
  • exposed to moderate to severe manure or silage gases
  • subjected to severe sulphate exposure
  • garage floors & exterior slabs
  • sidewalks and steps
  • curbs and gutters
  • silo and feed bunkers
35 MPa
5000 psi
  • structurally reinforced
  • exposed to chlorides
  • may or may not be subject to freeze/thaw cycles
  • exposed to severe manure or silage gases
  • used where hydrogen sulphide gas may be present
  • subjected to very severe sulphate exposures
  • bridge decks
  • parking garages
  • saltwater pools
  • beams, slabs over manure pits or pig slats


Flyash is a by-product of burning coal: it is literally the ash that flies out of the coal stack. Environmental restrictions require that coal power plants, like SaskPower, collect this product and store it.

The concrete industry has found that flyash will enhance concrete made with regular Portland cement. Once concrete turns hard, the free lime in the Portland cement looks for available silica molecules to “marry up” with. The flyash provides this extra silica, providing a more durable and stronger product over time.

Concrete made with flyash has the following benefits:


The EnviroFit Building

When we built the Crushrite EnviroFit Building, we thought about the future of our community. We decided to invest in infrastructure to create a sustainable building that would have the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Built with insulated concrete forms (for thermal efficiency), micro rebar (less than a third the steel of conventional reinforcement), and recycled concrete, and running on solar power, this building has saved and will continue to save power and reduce emissions over the years.

And that's better for everyone.

Envirofit Building

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Jonathan grew up in the ready-mix concrete industry, and has extensive knowledge in designing and producing high performance concrete.

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Lionele coordinates the equipment and people for our concrete plants, as well as managing our contracting crews.

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